Potty training has been on my mind for a while with Rory.  Despite him having limited vocabulary, I am pretty sure he is aware of the need to go to the toilet.  He usually hides under the table or behind the clothes drier. I tentatively decided to see how we would get on in the house just letting him run around with no nappy or trousers and reminding him the potty is there.

Fast forward to Tuesday of this week. There I was, covered in shit with my terrified child trying to climb up my leg seeking comfort from the trauma of a poo just falling out his bottom.

There is no way to dress this up. We seem to have peeing in the bag (so to speak) but poo’s seem to catch him off guard.  I get a two second warning of “uh oh” and then its there.  On the laminate. Near the potty but definitely not in it!

As I tried to reassure him it was fine and source cleaning materials to mop up the mess, I heard another “uh oh” and then  Rory runs through pointing at his foot which was now also shit covered after he had stood in it.

I hosed him down down in the sink, cleaned up the worst of the mess and popped him in his bath for a thorough cleaning. I then spent the rest of my evening disinfecting and steaming the floors.  Grim.

I don’t know whether to persevere or if I’m expecting too much too soon?  It’s so tricky to know when they are ready.  If anyone has any advice or tips then I’d love to hear them. But for today at least it’s back to nappies. There’s always next week….


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