“Shall we go to the sling meet?”asked Donna. Oh God. It brought back memories of disappointment from my first foray into the land of ‘babywearing’. I couldn’t get the hang of the sling and was bitterly disappointed. Maybe this was my chance to redeem my earlier failure.  “O.k” I said and off we set.  I had visions of hippy, breastfeeding Mum’s carrying their 4 year olds on their hips whilst changing the (undoubtedly cloth) nappies of their younger children whilst discussing the merits of organic, baby led weaning.  I wasn’t too far off the mark. Donna quickly selected a wrap she liked the look of and she tried Rory in it.  He’s bigger and wrigglier than her own son so it was a good test.  “Yes that’s fine,  thanks very much. Must dash”.  She had to run to her next appointment so I was left on my own with a now very bored Rory. Another baby was running around on the floor so I popped Rory down too.  Admittedly the floor was a bit grubby but the room was hotter than the sun and I was struggling to hold him and concentrate on what the group leader was saying. She was trying to demonstrate a model of sling, but as she discussed the buckles and clips and how to attach it to my own body I realised that if I was solely relying on this method of transport for Rory and I that we would never leave the house.  Too much like hard work.  I could feel my concentration slipping but was brought back to earth by another Mum tapping me on the shoulder and advising me that Rory and the other baby were “face pushing”. “Right.  I’ll take this one thanks.  It seems a bit easier.”. She sighed. Probably annoyed about the seventeen buckles she had clicked and adjusted for me to decide I would take the ‘easy’ option. I’ve still to test it out properly but I have high hopes. Hmmmmm….


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