Rory is delighted to have moved on from body sliding along the laminate flooring to pulling himself up. On everything.  He also likes to slap and hit things.  Unfortunately this includes my friends babies.

I visited my friend Donna this week, with her little boy Archie. Archie is so chilled out, he was just mesmerised by an over enthusiastic Rory banging on his head like a bongo drum (Very briefly.  Before I naturally intervened) and diving head first into his ball swamp without so much as an invitation.

As I arrived she ushered me into the front room, happily letting me know that Rory could safely run free as there was nothing to really hurt him. This was true.  But I could see a few things which would probably please him no end. Now. In all my wildest dreams, pre-Rory, I would have never have imagined that the following items would be remotely interesting to a tottering baby.

Cables/Wires – Rory can sniff these out from a mile off.  He is particularly delighted if they are also attached to an extension cable. Extension cables sometimes have lights. Rory loves lights.

Clothes airer – these are like a jungle gym for tiny humans.  Rory loves pulling himself up on this and climbing up it as far as he can.  It’s actually my biggest worry in the house.  I have visions of it collapsing on top of him and his fingers being trapped.

Happily, both potential hazards were immediately removed and our tea and biccies were consumed without incident.

My to-do list this week includes some serious babyproofing.  Drawers and cupboards are on my radar.  I am reluctant to attach any clips to the toilet but I am aware it holds huge fascination for him.  He likes to climb up on it and slap it.  I anticipate him attempting to climb in it at some point.

There is a fine line between a safe environment and going overboard.  I’m hoping I can manage a happy medium.  I’ll get the bubble wrap out….


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