Simon wanders into the kitchen.  “Jesus babe. When are we going back to normal food?”  “January” I mumbled.

It has been the month of the festive snacks in our house.  By “festive snacks” I mean the party foods currently being pushed in all the supermarkets. Tonight for example was Christmas tree pizza’s, pork belly squares and chorizo spring rolls .  All served with a bottle of chilled prosecco.  The pizza’s had a pretzel for a trunk in case you were wondering….

I’ve lost the will to cook.  I’m exhausted.  I’m sick of blending fruit and vegetables.  All the energy I have left goes on creating nice meals for Rory, so that by the time it comes to creating a meal for Simon and I, I play the “I’m out” card.

Chipolata’s, prawns in shredded potato, mozzarella sticks, baked camembert, mini chicken kiev’s have all been tossed out on a cold plate and passed off as “dinner.”

My friend Verity has been staying with her son, the same age as a Rory, Henry.  She took it all in her stride, as I knew she would.   “I’ll just purée the lemon sole for the boys.  Can you pop the prawn parcels in the oven and open the mulled wine?”. We totally rolled with it.

Rory and Henry got on famously.  Rory is very loud and active.  Henry is very chilled and considered.  It was a winning combination.  Henry happily let Rory scream in his face and climb on his tummy.  Rory happily let Henry chew on his socks and stroke his face.  Verity and I sat in the corner and watched the boys playing whilst discussing the merits of Annabel Karmel.  “Yes, I agree.  Her portions are FAR too small! Rory demolishes her 4 portion bolognese in one sitting!” I heard myself shriek.

My my, how times have changed.  Verity and I would in earlier years been propping up the bar drinking prosecco and discussing whether we should pay our rent or buy a Mulberry handbag! Now Annabel K and her puréed foods are the topics of the day.  Fabulous!


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