There are rarely times I actually drink a hot cup of tea. I miss this activity and will go to great lengths to get one. One of these times is at the BfN group I go to on a Monday. The ladies chat about boobies and make me a hot cuppa whilst I plonk Rory down on the play mat.  He now rolls off said mat commando style and this week took a particular interest in my Friend Donna’s shoes.  “Are we stopping him sucking my converse Karen or is it building up his immunity?”. It was a fair question. I sipped my tea and mumbled “immunity”.

Recently we have even had some lunch provided which is a godsend as I often forget (or have no time) to feed myself.


We had a lady with a new baby this week. Always exciting.  The standard questions were asked.  Name, labour summary, weight of newborn, and feeding were all covered.

As I tucked in to my sandwich and crisps I was suddenly distracted by the following statement in high volume…. “Oh yes, the suck and squirt mechanic! All very natural for a newborn baby. Don’t worry”.  For the love of God! I was considering a mini bounty as dessert before I heard this!

It still makes me giggle that there is literally nothing that is off limits on the bodily functions of our bambinos, or indeed our own bodies after we deliver these tiny humans. I remember a Jehovas Witness, a man I may add, coming to the door when I was heavily pregnant and enquiring as to whether the head of my unborn child had dropped into my pelvis!

I still find the ‘Mummy Kingdom’ a strange one.  But as my confidence in Motherhood grows I realise it’s a pretty nice place.  Just keep the hot tea coming!


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