Rory has a new game.  He likes screaming ‘Aaaaaaaaaaa’ and then Simon responds with the same noise. It can go on for ages.  I realise it’s Rory learning how to communicate but it can be a bit intense.  In addition, he has mastered the art of pulling himself along the floor so can get from one side of the room to the other relatively quickly.  More so on the wooden flooring when he can slide along like a hockey puck!

I met up with some of my Mummy friends for coffee and cake. We popped the babies down on the living room floor. Emma being the oldest at 7 months and Euan being the youngest at just a couple of months. Rory was keen to play his new game with Emma. He shimmied across the floor. Her eyes were wide and her lip quivered as he approached. Within seconds he had pulled up to her face and screamed right at her. She burst in to tears and I ran to pull Rory away, mumbling an apology to Emma’s Mum.  I put him down far away from the other others and off he went, sliding back to Emma who now realised what was coming and burst in to tears as soon as she could see he was heading her way. Rory is clearly not good at reading the signs.

As I sipped my tea and we chatted away, I glanced back at Rory who had now gave up on Emma and had moved on to Euan’s socks.  They had little tigers on them so he was happily sucking them and looking at Euan trying to decide whether he would be better at the game than Emma. I pulled him away and so it went on.

Rory is an incredibly friendly and playful little boy. If a little boistrous. I’m just hoping we don’t get sacked from the Mummy group. Maybe we need to find some toddlers…..


One thought on “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. i would imagine SImon invented this ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaa!’ game at his business proposition meeting from a few weeks previous that he gently nudged you out of the house for?

    enormously enjoying working through these entries and monitoring Rory’s progress through life..


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