Normally Simon’s Mum comes to the house so I can go to the gym but this week I had to go at a different time so I decided to use the crèche facilities at my gym.  As I wandered to my BodyPump class I felt quite proud of myself for leaving him with strangers. Obviously qualified and trustworthy, but strangers to Rory and I nonetheless. I also felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t overly concerned.   In all honestly my biggest concern was remembering to pick him up after the class. I’m so used to leaving him at home when I’m there that I was convinced I’d drive home and realise I had left him behind.

Thankfully all was well, and as I scooped up Rory along with my massive gym bag and shuffled off to the car park, I was pleased with how it had went.  I loaded him into the car and he instantly fell asleep. Bless.

It was as I approached the exit barrier that I realised I had forgot to pick up a token to allow me to get out. Unsurprisingly, there was a line of cars waiting to enter.  Oh God.  What the hell was I going to do now?  As the overly keen man pressed the button to try to get in, I knew he was not going to be not overly impressed by my failure to exit. Shit. I hit reverse and returned to my space.  Now, the temptation was to leave Rory sleeping whilst I ran to reception to get a token and ran back.  Less than a minute. Tops. But I had listened to Radio 2 yesterday about a man who left his child in the car whilst he picked up a prescription and he had been charged and put in the ‘at risk’ register.  That’s the kind of thing that would happen to me. So I lifted him out his seat and we ran in to the reception and back whilst avoiding the stares of the angry drivers still waiting.

We escaped the car park and returned to the safety of home.  When the hell did going out get so hard? Why can’t I nip anywhere! And has anyone ever left their child in the car whilst they ‘nipped’ to get something? Even going to the petrol station is fraught with drama.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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