Splish Splash

I signed up for Water Babies (baby swimming classes) before Rory was even born. A lot of my already Mummy friends raved about it and I was keen to ensure he was confident in the water. It’s not cheap but I do think it’s a great skill for Rory to have.  We have just finished our first term and I’ve been thinking about how I feel about the classes so far. Here are my thoughts….

1. Whether Rory has had a poo or not before the class determines my anxiety levels. Last week the classes after ours were cancelled as a baby had done a poo in the water. I honestly don’t think I would ever get over that happening. Ever.

2. Rory can’t have anything to eat for 2 hours before the class starts. I wake up at 5am trying to time everything so that he has been fed by 7am in time for our 9am class. This is annoying.

3. Yes, I did say 9am.  It’s the earliest I can possibly do anything with him and he almost always arrives at the class in his pyjamas having been scooped from bed and popped in the car seat. Luckily, a few of the other Mum’s seem as disorganised as me so it’s not an issue.

4.  I’m still not sure how he feels about the water. As we practice his “Rory, Ready, Go” mantra and dip him under the water he seems just as surprised as the previous 40 times we have done it.

I do enjoy taking him and I am continuing with the classes. I have seen toddlers further down the teaching  process and it’s amazing to watch them be so fearless in the pool. It’s something that Simon and I are really keen to encourage and we hope, in time, he gets a lot out of the classes too. Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed on the poo front!


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