I have never quite looked at vegetables the way I do now. There I was, standing in Morrison’s pondering whether you could purée a Kumquat. I don’t even reallyimage know what a Kumquat is but I wondered if Rory might like it.

I’ve started weaning the wee man on to solids. So far I have cooked and liquidised normal potato, sweet potato, butternut squash, apple, pear, courgette and parsnip. What a bloody palaver. Trying to force vegetables through a sieve has proved tricky so I’ve just resorted to boiling it beyond a inch of it’s life and whacking it in the Tommee Tippee blender.  This is probably the ‘wrong’ thing to do. I’m sure there is no goodness left in the veg by the time I’ve finished with it. The chances of vitamins and minerals remaining after my efforts are slim. Of that I have no doubt.

We plough on regardless. Rory sighing as I microwave his mash past boiling point and then pour in some boob milk to cool it all down. It’s still hotter than the sun. I decide to pop it outside to cool it down ( I imagine this is wrong too).  Rory knows what’s happening. He has pressed his head against the patio door willing the bowl of mush to come back inside and for the taste sensation to begin.

He holds his mouth open like a starving chick and as I try to feed him, he reverts back to type and tries to suck the spoon like a nipple. It’s a long business. He stops for a tactical spew over the side of his highchair and then seems keen to push on with today’s carrot/potato medley. What a boy!

I’m finding the whole thing quite nerve wracking. Does he have allergies? Will a lump of parsnip get caught in his windpipe? Annabel Karmel seems to have it all sorted out so I’ll follow her lead and see how we get on!


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