Baby Babble

I ran after a Dad in Tesco who was pushing his toddler in the trolley. “Excuse me. I think you have lost a sock…”  I managed to stop myself at that. But what I was about to say was “Excuse me. I think you have lost a socky wocky woo woo”! So many items have new names since Rory came along. In the bath we have “Ducky Wucky’s”. Simon asks me if Rory needs a new “nap nap” (nappy) and when Rory is tired we try to get him down for a “snoozy snoozerson”!  I often forget that these are not words or phrases familiar to anyone but the three of us at home. I guess that’s kind of what makes them special.

I sing things to Rory as well. The most common one being “have you done a poopy in your nap nap?” It’s ridiculous. I quite often forget that this little ditty is probably best left for home use, which results in a few odd looks when we are out in public! “Oh noooo, sicky wicky” is another one I shout.  Again, probably best left at home.

One of Rory’s favourite things is to go for a bath. Or “splash splash” as we have named it. Rory and I, the majority of the time, bath together. I’ve done this since he was born and I love this time together. We often have little chats (pretty one sided at the moment obviously) and I can see how excited he gets when we look for the “Ducky wucky woo woo’s” on the edge of the bath and Simon makes the frog jump into the water. To him it’s just magical.

I see massive changes in my son every single day. And as the baby babble continues to flow I know it’s going to get a lot more interesting!


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