There are four Mum’s that I see regularly. We communicate daily on all things baby. Sleep tending the be a common topic. Today was no different. It was 5am and the messaging was in full flow “Had to do a mad dash at 4am to sort out Ewan the Dream Sheep! Come on Ewan, work your magic!!!!”  I could sympathise with Michele. Ewan was a Godsend! He also goes through batteries at a tremendous rate. I have actually returned my Ewan twice as I was convinced he was broken. I’m pretty sure that he just needed some new AAA’s.

My friend Lizzie has lucked out on the toy front. There is nothing that Emma likes more than a muslin cloth. Rory had also found joy in the seemingly dull. His favourite thing at the moment is an empty packet of wet wipes. It must be a phase!

It amuses me how I have become so obsessed with particular toys which I know Rory likes. I remember him dropping Sophie the Giraffe in Debenhams. I was literally crawling around the floor and under the clothes rails for a good 15 minutes before I heard a lady say “Excuse me. Is this your Sophie?” “YES” I screamed in a high pitched voice. “That is my Sophie!! Thank The Lord”. The lady didn’t even bat an eyelid at my palpable relief. She had a daughter of a similar age to Rory. She understood.

More than once I have found myself standing at the bottom of the stairs screaming up to Simon “No, not the blue hippo! That’s for sleepy time. We need Captain Calamari!!!!!”

As the stores are now stocked up for Christmas it’s time to decide what’s next after Ewan and Sophie lose their appeal. I’d love to hear what’s on your shopping list for the little ones. Any ideas?


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