Car seat gate is still ongoing. They replaced both parts but gave us the wrong seat for the base. I should have expected that really. Need to wait until Tuesday now for the new seat. Smashing.

Our landlady popped round and asked if we were all set for Halloween. “Eeeeeerm, I think so. Well, I bought a couple of boxes of sweets”. “Oh” she replied. Was there something I should know? “A lot of kids come round this way.  One year I had to give out 75 party bags,” Oh indeed. “There is no way we are answering the door 75 times” exclaimed Simon. I agreed. We didn’t want to be rude but what could we do? We discussed hiding upstairs in the dark, going out or just putting up with it all but in the end we popped a little sign on the door and hid inside, replenishing the sweetie box at regular intervals.HalloweenPoster2014

Simon asked me to stay at my Dad’s tonight with Rory so he could have some friends over to “discuss a business proposition”. He must think I button up the back. He just returned from Asda with pizzas, vodka, beers and snacks. Nice business meeting.  Meanwhile, I’ve considered hiring a removal van to move all the stuff you need for a night away with a baby. Bath mat, toys, nappies, towels, cream, sleepsuits, clothes, bumbo seat, Calpol, Ashton & Parsons powders, Ewan the sheep, dummy, comfort blanket….the list goes on and on. As for the bloody travel cot, I’ll probably end up giving up on that and taking Rory in bed with me. I hate travel cots. Why are they so difficult to put up? Why?

Wish me luck!


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