Car Seat

It was 10.55am and here I was sobbing at the side of the road. Not my ideal start to the day. I had managed to get up and dressed, have some breakfast, dress Rory as Dracula, catch his spew in my hands, find a parking space, and get the pram and changing bag all ready to go. All I had to do was get Rory out the car seat, pop him on the pram base and away we would go to our Bookbug Halloween Party.  This is where I has the issue. Rory was stuck in the car seat. I couldn’t get my hand in to press the button to release the seat from the base, the safety buttons were telling me Rory was secure but the seat was quite clearly at the wrong angle and no matter what I did the seat was well and truly stuck! Rory had also fallen asleep so I didn’t want to lift him out and wake him, plus it was still a bit of a walk to the library. I’d left his buggy seat at home as I didn’t think I’d need it. I was starting to panic. And swear a lot “if I could just get my hand in to push this button, ahhhhhh for f**k sake” “Excuse me” I shouted to a man loading his toddler into the car. “Could you see if you can help me please?” The man reluctantly wandered over, I explained the situation and he tried, unsuccessfully, to get the seat off the base. “Nah love. It’s stuck. You’ll just have to drive home very slowly. Precious cargo and all that” I had no another option but to do just that. I was sobbing when I got home. I screamed for Simon to come down the stairs. “What’s wrong? Did he spew on the dolphin again?” (I may or may not have mentioned that Rory was very sick over the toy dolphin we are supposed to pass around the children at Bookbug. Nobody wanted it after that. Some children cried. It was all very embarrassing). “No he wasn’t sick. But he’s stuck in his seat and I dressed him as Dracula and everything!”CAM00674 As I write this we are awaiting a call from the store where we purchased the car seat and base from to resolve the situation. The rage is definitely not far away today.


2 thoughts on “Car Seat

    • Thanks Niki. All dressed up and nowhere to go! Bless him. They have ordered a replacement for us. So inconvenient as you need the car seat to go everywhere x


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