Trolleys are still a nightmare. I popped to Tesco today to collect a highchair I had ordered for Rory. I knew it would be bulky so the pram would be no use. I parked up and grabbed the large trolley with the baby chair at the front. I popped Rory in it. He looked a bit nervous, and also he seemed a bit big for it. I checked the weight limit, 9kg. I was pretty sure Rory was over that, but what’s the other option? He’s still not able to sit up fully so I was nervous to put him in the folding seat at the front. I picked up a few items I needed, popped them in the trolley and we set off to the counter to collect the chair.  He started screaming. Shit. What do I do now? I’d come so far with the trolley and now I had shopping to pay for. People were looking.  Jesus. What did they think I should do? I headed for the counter at lightening speed. There was a queue. The assistant clocked my screaming child and looked over apologetically. This was no good. I decided to pay for my items and then return. As I went back the same assistant rushed over. “I’m so sorry” she said “I heard him cry but there was nothing I could do”. She looked at Rory, now not crying. “Oh my! What a BIG boy!…In a tiny chair”. “He’s not even 6 months old yet” I told her, by way of an explanation. “And I need to pick up a highchair”. I collected the highchair and wedged it in the back of the trolley. Having gone through all that, I came home and tried to build the highchair. That took 45 minutes, and then I realised the lining on the chair was ripped. I phoned Tesco and the chair is now out of stock. Of course it is. Pass me the wine!


One thought on “Trolleys

  1. brilliant conclusion to the post, that.. hopefully sufficient time has now elapsed for you to be able to ‘roll on the floor laughing your socks off’, as the saying goes?

    i wonder if you just thought “sod it” and kept the defective chair anyway….


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