Pom Pom

I am actually mortified by the clothes I have bought for friends new baby’s in the past. Until I had Rory I always thought little miniature adult clothes, like jeans, coats and jumpers, were super cute.  I actually once bought a tiny little duffle coat for a friends new baby boy. What the hell was I thinking? They had the manners to send us a picture with him wearing it but let’s be honest, that item would be boxed up and packed away immediately. It would have been useless. It probably took them a good hour to wrestle him in to it just to take the picture!

My tastes in baby clothes have changed since Rory came along.  Simon’s Mum was desperate to buy Rory a big pom pom ha2014-10-09 15.30.04-2t when I was pregnant.  I made her promise she wouldn’t as I hated them. I mean, how old fashioned!!! Needless to say, Rory owns two now. Which bought!



I want to keep him a baby as long as possible. He lives in pale blue romper suits, white sleepsuits,  pop pom hats, knitted cardigans and dungarees. He doesn’t have any jeans, wooly jumpers or shoes just yet. I just feel he is growing up so quickly that I want to keep him looking like a baby. I mean, he’s not even 6 months old yet and he’s already in some 9-12 month clothing!!  It frightens me. Like physically makes me panic. I never thought I would feel like this, but I do.


One thought on “Pom Pom

  1. very interesting. i long suspected this to be the case [that more practical “wriggle-able” clothing should be the order of the day]

    lovely stuff


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