Sleep Deprivation

sleep-ecard-300x200I had a particularly bad night with Rory last night. I think he’s teething. Whatever the reason I was up every hour or so trying to soothe or feed him back to sleep. It wasn’t working.

Simon lay beside me in the starfish position snoring and breathing in my face. I could feel the rage building. How the hell was he able to sleep through this?

I eventually gave in and brought Rory in to bed with us at 5am. Giving him a feed lying down to try and get him back to sleep. It wasn’t working.

I got up and we tried to get on with the day. I was seriously struggling. When I have a significant lack of sleep I really struggle to cope. It feels like a physical knot in my stomach which makes me feel sick. I also veer between rage and crying.  So when Simon suggested a quick trip to the shops in Glasgow, I should have said no. I didn’t.

We headed to John Lewis. I wanted to look at highchairs. I’d researched every blooming highchair their was and still couldn’t decide what one was best. “I like this one. What do you think?” I asked Simon. Now, whatever he had said at this point would have probably been wrong as I could feel my rage simmering away, but I still didn’t expect the response I got. “Does he really need a highchair? “What?”I asked Simon.  “Well I mean. Is it an ESSENTIAL?”. That was it. “What the hell is wrong with you? Of COURSE he needs a high chair!” I screamed.  “Would you like our son to roam around the floor like a DOG????” I then marched off with Rory in the pram and burst into tears.  Sometimes you just get days when it all gets a bit much. Today was one of them.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation

  1. Oh my… I am so pleased I am not the only person who feels angry some nights when I am up feeding or our baby is crying and my other half is happily snoring away oblivious next to me.


    • You are definitely not the only person Sarah. My other Mummy friends all report similar stories of rage! Men definitely get an easier ride than us poor Mum’s x


  2. I too had a terrible night with my son last week because he was teething AND sick (double whammy). Dad slept through the WHOLE thing just like he is able to sleep through every night when my son calls out. Men. I honestly think we have an in built baby monitor in our brain


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