Cake Crisis Talks

“What a fucking night!” Donna exclaims as she arrives in the cafe. There are 5 new Mum’s in today’s crisis get together. “I know, I know” I agree.

Today’s get together had not got off to a great start either. I was early, everyone else was late. I sat down and tried to arrange the chairs and tables to accommodate 4 buggies and 1 car seat. The scowling cafe manager was not impressed as table 4 had now merged with table 8 and lost 2 seats. As the girls arrived with the bambinos the scowling lady came over. “Do you need all these tables and chairs?” “Yes we do” I replied. What I actually wanted to say was “No. I just arranged the whole fucking corner of your cafe for my own entertainment as my 2 hours of sleep last night left me with a whole lot of nervous energy I just had to burn off!!!”

Lizzie had had an unusually bad night with Emma but had decided that having very recently moving her on to solids she had maybe pushed Emma too far too fast. It turns out lentils are a no no in the first few weeks of weaning. Who knew!! Lizzie has the oldest baby so she road tests everything for us. Handy.

As we discussed sleep, cake, poo and this blog I was still reeling from being made to feel guilty at taking our children to a public space. If we were 5 wheelchair users would it have been such an inconvenience? That may be an extreme comparison but I thought it nonetheless.  I would love to open a cafe with amazing cakes, clean changing facilities, large coffee cups and plenty of parking. That would be my dream. That and a baby clothing shop!!! One day…


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