Before I had Rory I could “Nip to the shops”. Not now. There is no “Nipping” anywhere. Dressing myself, dressing him, sick on clothes, dressing us both. Again. Sick on car seat, wash car seat, dry car seat with hair dryer, Rory needing fed, Rory needing new nappy, me needing toilet, pram in, pram out, where did I put the rain cover? It’s just fraught with issues. I once tried to go round the supermarket with Rory is one of those trolleys that you pop the car seat on. I ended up careering round the supermarket sideways screaming “excuse me!” as I couldn’t see over the top of the pram as it was so high! I have now taken to loading my shopping in the basket under my pram and hoping I don’t get arrested for theft by a keen security guard!

On one particular visit to Morrisons I had went in for a couple of items and ended up buying more than anticipated. It was particularly busy so I popped to the self scanner. Rory woke up just as I started scanning. Beep, beep, beep…..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Oh God.

I was trying to scan the items and load them back into the basket as I went. Unfortunately Morrisons works on a weight limit. So essentially every item you self scan needs to go on the bag pack area until every single item has been scanned. They didn’t fit. Shiiiiiiiiiit!

Rory was now screaming which was interjected with “unexpected item in bagging area. Please wait for assistance”. The tutting customer service assistant came to silence the till as I tried to silence Rory. Neither of us was particularly successful. “You really have quite a lot of items here”. “Yes. Yes I do” I swear to God if she said one more word I was going to strike her with my seeded baguette!

As the items spilled onto the floor and Rory released fever pitch. I understood why a lot of my friends used online shopping. I’m reluctant to go down this road though. I enjoy looking at the items and choosing my own fruit and vegetables. I just wish it wasn’t so stressful!!!


One thought on “Shopping

  1. this is a quite wonderfully vivid description of the challenges you face in your day to day existence – i wonder if Rory himself has ever been an ‘unexpected item in a bagging area’..? surely only a matter of time isn’t it?

    lovely, lovely little section, this


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