Meeting other Mum’s

After a couple of weeks at home I was really keen to meet other Mummy’s and share our stories. My first port of call was the group I had been encouraged to join in hospital, The Breastfeeding Network. They had a group meeting every Monday so I got Rory and I organised and set off to meet other girls just like me. I popped my head round the door and was greeted by three friendly volunteers but no new Mummy’s.  I  was  disappointed. I had high hopes of meeting other ladies that could relate to my new lifestyle. It wasn’t until the next week that the door swung open and a frazzled girl clutching a nearly naked baby burst through the door. “She pood right through her clothes and I didn’t have a change but here we are” she explained whilst popping her gurgling daughter on the floor.  A few of the other Mum’s looked quite surprised at this catastrophic clothing error. I could see them questioning why this mother could not be prepared for such an eventuality. I on the other hand was relieved. Maybe it wasn’t just me who was winging it! “Hi. I’m Lizzie and this is Emma.”. I liked Lizzie immediately. I sensed she was a very chilled out Mum who just gone on with it without a great deal of drama. I was right. Lizzie and I chatted more as the weeks went on and she is now very much part of the Mummy Kingdom!

BoobsbittenA few weeks later at the same group I met another Mummy, Donna. Donna had just had her little boy,  Archie and was really struggling with breastfeeding.  I loved Donna’s graphic descriptions of just how horrendous she was finding the whole boob feeding situation. It was fab to meet another Mum who was open and honest enough to say just how shit she was finding it all. And she wanted to make Mummy friends too. So Donna, Lizzie and I started to meet up out with the group to help each other through the minefield.



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