The visitors you have on those first few days and weeks home after having a baby are difficult to manage. Well, they were for me. I was still getting to grips with breastfeeding and Rory seemed constantly hungry and I was clumsy at feeding him discreetly. A few times I left Simon downstairs with Rory and the visitors while I cried upstairs. Nothing against those that sat downstairs but I just found the whole thing tremendously overwhelming. It really wasn’t how I had imagined it. I had visions of gorgeous little outfits being put on Rory in the morning and then him being presented to our visitors looking cute as a button whilst I prepared tea and dished out cakes before settling down for a decent nights sleep. WRONG. Rory loved his food. He boobied his way through the day with regular pit stops to vomit it all back up. It just never stopped. He would regurgitate breast milk as soon as look at you. It went over everything! The remote control, down my bra, over my new nursing chair, the sofa, my hair, in between the wooden flooring, and over every outfit he was ever dressed in. All I did was apologise to those visitors for the vomit on their clothes and rubbed them with a wet wipe whilst screaming MUSLIN at Simon. Everyone said it was just a phase and it would settle down in a few weeks. Everyone was wrong.


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